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Trekking in Bhutan
Easy Trekking in Bhutan
Bumdra Overnight Trek- 7 DaysDagala Trek Short- 9 DaysGangtey Trek- 10 DaysDruk Path Trek- 12 DaysNabji Kurphu Trek- 13 Days
Moderate Trekking
A thousand Lake Trek- 10 DaysNubtshonapata Trek- 10 DaysJumolhari Yaksa Trek- 12 DaysBumthang Owl Trek- 12 DaysMerak & Sakten Trek- 14 Days
Difficult Trekking / Summer
Laya Lingshi Trek- 19 DaysSnowman Trek-I- 30 DaysSnowman Trek-II- 35 Days
Winter Trekking
Samtegang Trek- 10 DaysBumthang Cultural Trek- 12 Days
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Trekking in Bhutan
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Trekking in Bhutan: Heavenly Bhutan's Outdoor Department is run by Bhutanese expert and experienced high altitude Himalayan trekkers who have trekked throughout Bhutan within 45 days from west to east, Haa to Trashigang Trek which is so called one of the longest and hardest treks in the world, Snowman Trekking with Rodongla Trek. Most of the Heavenly Bhutan trekking crew have done Jumolhari Yaksa Trek, Druk Path Trek, Dagala Trek, A thousand lake Trek, Bumthang Cultural Trek, Laya Lingshi Trek, Gasa Trek, Gasa Hot Spring Trek, Merag Sakten Trek, Bumdra one night trek, Nabji Korphu Trek and Samtengang winter Trek.

Trekking in the Himalayan foothills is never like anywhere and Bhutan alone offers over 25 different treks. Bhutan is heavenly paradise for those who adventure Bhutan outdoor trekking and Bhutan adventure holidays. Trekking in Bhutan is different than trekking in Nepal, Tibet & India or in any other Himalayan Countries. Bhutan has unscathed mountains and natures covering 72.5% of total land by forest giving immense opportunities for the trekkers to enjoy different vegetation, wild animals, wild birds and high altitude Himalayan animals.

Treks in Bhutan are graded easy trekking, moderate trekking and hard trekking depending on the challenges of the trekking trails or trekking routes. Although we have all season treks, winter treks, summer treks, spring treks and autumn treks but most of the easy and moderate trekking are done in spring from Mar to May and from September to November. Some of the special characterised treks like hot spring treks in Bhutan, Nomad Treks and community based treks are available.

If you would like to get information on Bhutan treks and trekking tours, heavenly is here to help you. We provide complete set of trekking equipments including sleeping bags, luxury trekking in Bhutan is also possible on supplement cost basis, all essential trekking gears are provided, best organic meals on the treks given, make you to meet the locals on the treks, information on altitude sickness, early precaution for altitude sickness symptoms and emergency evacuation of airlifting are organized. We argue all the tourists visiting Bhutan to have travel insurance and especially if you are trekking, we request you to provide us your insurance details before coming to Bhutan. Therefore travel insurance is must for all for visiting Bhutan. Travel your way, awaken to a different world.

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