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Women holiday to Bhutan: Women holiday package offers unique opportunity for women travellers who respect fellow women, learn from them and appreciate the value of women in the society. This tour will not only bring hopes but also encourages women to face many challenges and creates awareness on important roles played by general women in Bhutan. There is no gender discrimination, generally women in Bhutan are very hard working and participates actively in all sections of works. We are the first company to offer unique concept of women holiday packages for women who love to travel with fellow women, to experience bestlimited travel opportunities to get together with like-minded women and travel to the land of happiness.
We take care of everything from the minute you arrive at the airport till you depart from Bhutan. You will be guided by lady licensed guide and coordinates the entire programs including individual request whatever possible. Our trips range from recreational activities, adventure, cultural, spiritual, festivals and locals. We customized the programs as per your interest and are very flexible with day wise activities. This is a hassle free opportunity to travel, in a safe and affordable way to Bhutan. Whether you are single, married, looking for friendship, enjoy the company of other women, or just want an alternative style of travel, then why not consider travelling with the girls and other women, contact us 24 x 7
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